I am happy that our radio has contribution to the project. Arthur Ispiryan tells about his meeting with William Saroyan and the opening of the writer's museum

28 Aug 2018

The archive of the great writer’s house-museum was enriched by Armenian Public Radio. "A wonderful work is being done, and I am happy that our radio has contribution to the project. Probably, in the Public Radio archive, we have the biggest collection of material related to William Saroyan. We keep his interviews, plays by our great actors. We have given important recordings to the museum. George Clooney&'s aunt, Rosemary Clooney has performed a song with lyrics written by Saroyan. In the archive, I found the translation of that song performed by Edgar Karapetyan (1963), and passed it to the museum," - Arthur Ispiryan, singer-composer, archive manager of Public Radio of Armenia told in the interview with Aysor.am. He underlines that Artur Janibeyan has done huge and important job, and though the latter does not like when his name is mentioned a lot, this work cannot say neglected. Saroyan's remembrance would be lost if the foundation did not buy the house. Arthur Ispiryan remembers that Saroyan had an important and huge impact on his life. Being the student of the school number 67, he will never forget the day when the American-Armenian writer entered their school. "I do not remember if I was in the first or the second grade, if it was 1969 or 1970 - Saroyan came to our school. Back to then, our school was with in-depth study of English. We have organized a short show-and-tell in the performance hall, and teachers asked me to sing an English song for William Saroyan. I sang. Saroyan approached me, hugged me and with laughter said to my ear: sing in Armenian, my little boy, in Armenian... I am happy that I have seen him, and that he has even hugged me. It&'s a pity that there were no cell phones back to then, and I have no picture from that day," - the composer tells with excitement. Read the full article on AYSOR.AM.