After buying William Saroyan’s home in 2015, the project held a competition in Armenia for the design and development of a house museum. The winner was Storaket Architectural Studio, which proposed using non-traditional modern technology where space and time are united.

The project worked closely with the City of Fresno and Fresno Historical Society for the construction and remodeling. Numerous meetings and consultations were held with Saroyan’s relatives, friends, and other other interested parties from different parts of the world. They provided photos, paintings, graphics, and other archival materials of William Saroyan, which are now exhibited through interesting non-standard features designed by Storaket.


William Saroyan dreamed that his home would become a space for students to come and work. This is even noted in the writer’s will. Following his wishes, we decided to create a dedicated research room that would give an opportunity to students, scholars and other interested individuals to benefit from the vast heritage which William Saroyan left. Being created is the world's largest digital archive of Saroyan, and we plan to make it accessible for everyone on the planet. After the completion of the work, the house museum will become a center for Saroyan studies. Guests of the House Museum will be offered special guided tours, as well as have access to the study room. Extend your learning and teaching beyond the classroom and deepen your research at the Museum’s research center. Take time off to learn more about William Saroyan and The William Saroyan House Museum!

You can visit the Saroyan house museum only by booking a ticket online in advance