The Future Plans for ‘Saroyan House’ Project and the Museum Perspective Have Been Presented to Fresno Mayor

24 Feb 2018

On 23rd of February 2018, In the framework of "Saroyan House" Project implemented by "Renaissance" Cultural and Intellectual Foundation, Project Coordinator Avag Simonyan, co-founder of "Storaket" Architectural Studio Meroujan Minasian, and "Saroyan House" Board Honorable Member, Armenian Studies Professor at California State University Barlow Der Mugrdechian met Mayor of Fresno Lee Brand and introduced him the project. In his turn, Lee Brand greeted the project and expressed his readiness to support it. The Mayor was introduced the further programs of the projects as well as the concept of the museum with its innovative and interactive solutions. After the opening ceremony, the museum which will tell us about William Saroyan's life unknown and known episodes will become one of the cultural and educational centers of Fresno City. The fact was also mentioned, that William Saroyan had worldwide fame and the importance of his personality will not only be the Armenian diaspora acquirement but also for the whole American Society. At the museum, the guests will have the opportunity to meet William Saroyan via Hologram personally The opening ceremony of William Saroyan House-Museum will take place on 31st of August in 2018, dedicated to 110th anniversary of the writer. Retrieved from