ggShuttle from LA to Fresno/Saroyan House Museum

02 Mar 2020

🚐 Don't miss your chance to visit The Saroyan House Museum on the 7th of March and have a good ride in Fresno with only $100 📢‼️

The William Saroyan House-Museum and gg have teamed up in organizing a special ggShuttle round tour from LA to Fresno and back on 03/07 to visit the Saroyan House Museum.

#gg is the leading Armenian ride-hailing transportation company whose influence is growing wider in the field throughout the world, as with its expansion to the US market recently. Our goal is to use our combined efforts to mold a sustainable and budding ecosystem between cultural activities and businesses, where one helps the other in creating an environment where our beautiful heritage is easily accessible for everyone.

#TheSaroyanHouseMuseum team is constantly working in improving the project to make your experience in the museum more engaging and attractive. A few days ago we updated our Hologram content, and now William Saroyan, in his three different time periods, portrayed by marvelous actors, is walking in his room, engaging and laughing with his guests.

👀 The ggShuttle tour will also include a visit to the Genocide monument and the Tehleryan cemetery, as well as the Armenian town of Fresno and its churches. In the end, visitors will be taken to an Armenian restaurant to interact and have traditional meals and finish the tour in a warm and friendly atmosphere 🥳

You may reserve your tickets here 👉🤳

We are going to leave for Fresno at 8 am from 216 N Orange St, Glendale, CA 91203.

Waiting for you! 💘