LA Solar Group installed solar panels on the rooftop of the William Saroyan House Museum.

07 Dec 2019

LA Solar Group has donated a whole solar system to help offset the energy cost of the William Saryan House Museum. After the Building and Safety department of the City of Fresno approved the installation on the rooftop of the museum, nothing was left then mounting the panels. The more the sunlight falling on the solar panel, the more the power it generates for the museum below. Luckily Fresno is just the right place for this kind of energy source, because on average, here are 271 sunny days per year.

As Saroyan states in his book My Real Work Is Being, "This was my valley, where I had been born. This earth and sky was home. This temperature was. The valley is depicted here as a bright, sunny world which is full of sweetness and light." And now on, it is not only full of sweetness and light but electricity as well, which is going to make Saroyan house self-sustainable. As the exhibits of the museum, such as illuminating photo walls and hologram, take much energy, this is the right step towards embracing an energy source that is not only a worthy alternative to its traditional counterparts but is eco-friendly as well. 

Thank you for your kind generosity and help in making the William Saroyan house museum self-sustainable!

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