15 funny self-portraits of Saroyan

12 Mar 2019

Taking a self-portrait can be a uniquely satisfying and fun experience. And, for Saroyan, it was also a way of not taking himself seriously. "Everybody takes everything seriously. Ask barber for another haircut, and he then got something going for himself persona. He owns a superior way of giving a haircut, he's "a barber, not like those bums who can't keep a job for longer til years." 

"I didn't care about the way I look. So it's like an old hobo in the door of an empty store at daybreak, so what? I don't care, because I knew the truth: I was young, I was handsome, I was a writer, and this is my day." - William Saroyan, Isn't Today That Day, 1964

Here we selected 15 of his most handsome and fun self-portraits. Enjoy!

1. Young Saroyan

2. Suspicious Saroyan

3. Tired Saroyan

4. Hairy Saroyan

5. Amused Saroyan 

6. Angry Saroyan

7. Monday-morning Saroyan

8. Shocked Saroyan

9. Upset Saroyan

10. Messy Saroyan

11. Good hair day

12. Hangover 

13. Trimming needed

14. Still needed

15. Armenian Saroyan