Lights! Camera! Saroyan! Makes its Highly Anticipated Premiere at Fresno State

25 Jan 2019

FRESNO, Ca - Fresno, CA -  Lights! Camera! Saroyan!

The highly anticipated documentary featuring the life and legacy of Pulitzer Prize winner William Saroyan premieres at Fresno State. The university's Armenian studies program partnering with the William Aaroyan house museum, hosted the event at the Satellite Student Union.

He's globally recognized as one of the most decorated and prominent literary figures of the 20th century. William Saroyan's life and legacy captured in a new light, a new documentary showcasing the Pulitzer Prize and Oscar winner in his own words and through interviews from family and friends for the first time ever.

"I really feel this is a wonderful thing for Fresno because Saroyan has put Fresno on the map for many, many years now." said John Chookasian.

Lights! Camera! SaroyanI It not only shines a new perspective from his roots in Fresno to his adventures abroad, but it also recreates his upbringing inside the home that is now a state of the art museum.

The documentary drawing a big crowd, and no matter the age, Saroyan's work is still very much alive and well.

"His writing has always interest me and I found out he was a painter as well and like I'm an artist so that resonated with me because he was so multi-talented." said Fresno State student Annie Rubio.

As Saroyan once said, "All I can do is write my stories for mankind, and rest easy."

"I'm about to place language, my language on a clean sheet of paper and I am trembling."


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